Please note that St Chad's Church Farndon is not responsible for the burial plots in the parish burial ground. It is Farndon Parish Council and not St Chad's who run the site. Please direct any comments or enquiries to Farndon Parish Council
Thank you and God bles

Our vision for the future of our Church community

  • Value and welcome all people, seek to encourage new members and therefore increase in worship and fellowship
  • Continue to provide and develop our services to the wider village community
  • Encourage a wider sense of belonging to our Church in the village community
  • Help growing families by providing an environment where children and young people can grow in their journey of faith and play their part in the life of our Church
  • Develop the potential of our Church building
  • Deepen the prayer and spiritual life of our Church community                                                                                    

NOTE: Next Messy Church: 4pm Sunday 4th October; 1st November; 6th December 

Messy Church is held on the first Sunday of every month at 4.00pm at St Chad's Church. Come along and join our growing congregation - this is a new and exciting form of worship. Messy Church is a fun based family service for people of all ages. Each service includes a number of craft activities, songs, a story and some prayers, all based on the theme for the day. We start with coffee, tea or juice with biscuits and finish with a shared buffet-style tea at 5.00 - 5.30pm           

Gift Day 2015

In the current edition of the 'Over the Wall' newsletter you will find a Gift Day Envelope. This is for anyone who would like to make a donation to both St Chad's and St Mary's Churches respectively. This gift will help our Churches to continue to offer the pastoral support that it has always offered over the years. It will also mean that the Church will continue to be there for weddings, funerals, baptisms, concerts etc in the future

Churches, like most old buildings cost a lot of money to maintain - so please do consider making either a one-off gift or perhaps you would consider making a small or modest monthly gift by direct debit. Whatever you choose to do, we at both churches would be very grateful

Our Gift Day will be taking place at St Chad's on the morning of the 17th October 10-12noon and the morning of the 24th October 10-12noon at St Mary's. Tea and biscuits will be served throughout the morning. If you are unable to make either day then simply post your envelope through the Vicarage letterbox

Thank you, Vicar and Churchwardens.

A Time to Remember

On Sunday the 25th October at 6:30pm (All Souls Day) St Chad's will once again be holding its annual Time To Remember Service for anyone who has lost a loved one over the years. The service is a very gentle service with reading, prayers, hymns and reflections.
During the service, people are invited to come forward (if they wish) and light a candle in memory of a loved one and we will also read out the names of those who have died.

Tea and cake will be served after the service.

First Ever Farndon Christmas Tree Festival in 2015

Friday 4th to Thursday 10th of December, see Concerts / Exhibitions page for details


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