Special Services

(all services streamed live via Zoom)

Ash Wednesday & Lent Service

This year, Ash Wednesday falls on Wednesday the 17th February and there will be a service of Holy Communion at 10am in St Chad’s. And to mark this special day, we have ash placed on our foreheads as a reminder that from ash we come, and to ash we do return. This is a reminder of our mortality.  Ash Wednesday also heralds the beginning of Lent, when we are given the opportunity to make ourselves right with God and we can use the period of Lent to take stock of our lives and refocus on what’s important to each of us.

 Shrove Tuesday  - 16th February

As we are unable to meet together, we will be doing Shrove Tuesday a little differently this year. We would like to suggest that those who want to join in should make their own pancakes at home, and at 10:30am, we will eat our pancakes in Christian fellowship – together but apart. We hope you enjoy it

Mothering Sunday

This year, Mothering Sunday falls on the 4th Sunday of Lent, when we present all ladies present with a posy of daffodils and this year there will be the extra treat of some chocolates too. Mothering Sunday is a time for us to say thank you to our mothers or anyone who represents a mother figure in our lives.

 Once again, this service will be dependent on any restrictions at the time.

9:30am at St Chad’s & 11:15am at St Mary’s                                       

Palm Sunday 

Palm Sunday Services are at 9:30am at St Chad’s & 11:15am at St Mary’s.

We will gather outside the Memorial Hall from 9:25 in Farndon, when we will begin our Palm Sunday Service. We will then process into church when we will hear once again the Passion Narratives – this is a very moving with lots of congregational responses.

St Mary’s service will begin outside the Parish Room at 11:15 when we will begin with the reading of Mark’s gospel before processing into church to hear the Passion Narratives. Please do join us at either service.


Please note that all services might be subject to change due to government restrictions.

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